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The I Spy Slot Machine Game

AC Coin and Slots manufactured the popular I Spy slot machine which is based on the famous 1960's classic T.V. show that starred Robert Culp and comedian Bill Cosby. International Gaming Technology designed this slot game. I Spy slots features three thrilling bonus game options. I Spy Slots video slot game, another one in a growing line of television entertainment licensed products is brought to us by AC Coin.

The Slot Machine Credit Options

Players can utilize any of 8 special money values on this game. Credit value options include 25 cents, 50 centavos,one dollar, $5, $10, 20 dollars, 25 dollars and 50 dollars. That will put this slot on the list of huge stake slots game, as players would like to put it that way. I Spy slots game have a maximum wager of 5 coins. Since it operates as a video slots game, you do not have to shell out the maximum coin wager to win the top prize. But, you are required to play the maximum quantity of paylines if you desire to win the top prize.

I Spy Slots Variations

These slot machines have 3 special variants. These include: The Diamond Heist The Secret Agent The Bonus Episodes

I Spy Diamond Heist slots work on a 3-reel and 3 credit slot machine game. It has the buy-a-pay bonus game option. I Spy Secret Agent slot is a parallel machine, which operates on 3 reels with a Buy-a-Pay game feature. Both slots games include several clips from different scenes of the show.

I Spy Bonus scenes of I Spy slot game is the latest in this slot machines in "AC Coin & Slots" I Spy collections. It functions on a 3-reel with 5-payline slot machine. When you have the chance to look at this machine, you might confuse it as the I Spy Triple Stars 5 Line slots.

Each of these two slot machines features highlights and video clippings from the original I Spy television show. Take a journey into the 60's for one of the most tense shows of its day.

I Spy the Television Show

I Spy was a revolutionary show during the 60's. The show runs for four years from1965 to 1968, and it was the first television show with a Black American lead actor. Comedian Bill Cosby played the supposed tennis coach for Robert Culp, who we may call a "play court bum". During those eras, a tennis nut shell is considered as an amateur who traveled the globe playing few tennis games against rich clients.

These tennis activities were simply a cover up for Cosby's and Culp's international spying team. They were set into actions to get the villains, run after other undercover agent and do the take time to meet some beautiful and exotic women.

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