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Play X Marks the Spot Slot for an Exciting Adventure

For the high rollers out there who enjoy online slots, there's a great game waiting for you at VIP Slots. X Marks the Spot is a video slot that uses software from Vegas Technology, has 5 reels, 20 paylines, great bonus rounds and an excellent jackpot.

Being a high roller has its perks. Aside from getting to play with the best designed slots with graphics that are truly one of a kind, they also get to win big. X Marks the Spot slot is a high roller slot that has pirates for a theme, complete with seductive women, the mischievous pirate with the hook for a hand, liquor and gold. Like any other pirate ship on a voyage, the player in X Marks the Spot slot has to travel to an unknown island in search of hidden treasure. The player in X Marks the Spot slot can opt to wager as mush as two hundred dollars for every spin and although this is not a progressive slot, the jackpot is impressive. Should the player decide to play for less than two hundred dollars, that's fine, but the player needs to remember that the higher the wager, the bigger the jackpot becomes. The jackpot for X Marks the Spot slot is an astonishing forty thousand dollars.

X Marks the Spot slot was first released in mid 2007 and ever since then, it has accumulated a long line of fans. X Marks the Spot slot is packed with so many features, great bonus rounds and free spins that it's very hard to say no to this slot.

The wild symbol in X Marks the Spot slot is the pirate. What's great about this symbol is it could spell the difference between winning or not when all the other symbols match up except for one. Being a wild symbol, the pirate helps the player get the winning combination.

The scatter symbol in X Marks the Spot slot is the cannon and the player would need to get at least 3 of these in any of the reels so as to win. On top of the winning combination, if the player is lucky enough to get at least 3 cannons, they get 15 extra spins on the house. These free spins could help the player triple their winnings and more extra spins can be won even if the player is already playing using the free spins. X Marks the Spot slot definitely promises that exciting slot experience we all want.

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