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How Do Slot Tournaments Work?

Slot tournaments are good events to bond with your fellow slot players and also win big prizes. Slot tournaments are usually accompanied by many incentives such as cash prizes, banquets, parties, raffles, and door prizes.

Many casinos used slot tournaments as their promotional device and often, these don't have any entry fee. Even if there is no entry fee, slot tournaments of this kind still offer big rewards or prizes. The usual entry fees of slot machines ranges from $10 up to more than $1,000.

Slot tournaments are really enticing to many slot players because their loss is only limited to the entry fee. There are casinos that hold slot tournaments that are private exclusive only for those slot players that are loyal to the casino or high rollers.

Slot tournaments work in a very simple way. Each slot machine in the slot tournament starts on a preset number of credits or specific length of playing time. The main objective of slot tournaments is for the players to accumulate as many credits as possible within that allotted length of time. The starting credits and length of time in slot tournaments vary from one tournament to another.

The usual format of slot tournaments is 1,000 starting credits that must be played for 20 minutes only. Maximum coin bet is often played for each spin and it is deducted from the slot machine's starting credits. The winning credits in slot tournaments are usually displayed on a separate meter on the screen and the winning credits will not be used to replay.

When the allotted time of the slot tournament is over and there are still unused credits on your slot machine, those credits will expire automatically. It's no wonder that in slot tournaments you can see the players hitting the button furiously. You will have the greater advantage if you hit the button as fast as possible than the others.

Choosing which slot machine the player will play during a slot tournament is a random process. Numbers are drawn that corresponds to a numbered slot machine and all of these machines are of the same type. The slot machines in slot tournaments are usually programmed to produce more jackpot combinations than the average and this gives additional excitement to the already exciting event.

Once the slot machine stops playing, a slot tournament official will record your winning credits. Most slot tournaments have many game rounds and the person who accumulated the highest winning credits for all game rounds will win the top prize at stake.

The usual prizes in slot tournaments are $25,000 for the first placer, $10,000 for the second placer, and $5,000 for the third placer. Because of the high payouts in slot tournaments, it is typical that participating in the event is rewarding and full of excitement.

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